CADAC is looking out for you

Staff Post 
by Jerry Smith

A new riff on an old thought:  Big Brother is, how shall I put it, . . . looking out for you, especially when it is in the shape of CADAC, a web based application dedicated to the collection, dissemination and analysis of financial and statistical information about Canadian arts organizations, and in essence a centre of expertise to help monitor the health of the arts sector across Canada.

Young Associates recently hosted representatives from CADAC in order to stay ahead of the curve and assist clients in taking the stress and confusion out of filing their financial and statistical data with CADAC.

Launched in December 2008, CADAC’s objectives include attempt to lighten the burden for arts organizations, improve the accountability and transparency of Canadian arts organizations, as well as developing a significantly enhanced database for research, planning and policy development. Young Associates’ work with clients during the initial ‘CADAC years’ has made us aware of the challenges around changing an organization’s financial data practices to meet CADAC requirements. But as we have all gotten more accustomed to the new CADAC environment, it has become apparent that storing financial data with CADAC has some great information benefits, including comparative analysis with other organizations in the sector.  Our session with CADAC revealed that pulling meaningful comparative reports from the system is becoming much easier.

As part of our ongoing leadership in developing resources to assist clients, Young Associates was particularly pleased to explore the key elements of CADAC’s reconciliation process and how it could apply to clients.  While no-one wants to be categorized as non-compliant and have their CADAC account red flagged to a funder, it most often simply means there is some data missing, and the staff at CADAC would like to assist you in getting back up to speed.

When in doubt, ask; here it is better to ask for permission than forgiveness!