Bookkeeping Services

We assist our customers in optimizing their financial record-keeping in a digital world with the use of progressive technology including cloud software, automations, and AI. With our collaboration, our customers are reducing administrative burden and gaining timely, reliable access to quality financial information. We optimize financial processes by working with our preferred tech stack. Learn more below.

Full Service Bookkeeping

We actively manage your company’s financial records and prepare financial statements.

We process:

  • Receivables and bank deposits

  • Payables and cheques

  • Payroll and benefits

We handle government reporting:

  • Payroll remittances

  • Year-end payroll reporting (T4s, T4As)

  • Sales taxes (GST, PST, HST)

  • T3010 Charities Returns

  • T2 Short Corporate Returns for not-for-profits

  • Bingo and Nevada licensing

At month-ends, we reconcile bank, loan, investment, payroll and other balance sheet accounts, and review our work before issuing financial statements to you.

At year-end, we prepare documentation for audit or for your income tax preparer, and work with your accountant as needed to close the year.

We can also help you with management reporting by updating the year-to-date actuals in your budget and cash flow spreadsheets.

Accounting and Financial Management Support

We can provide ongoing support for you and your staff, on a monthly or “as-needed” basis.

Where your staff are managing the day to day bookkeeping, a senior associate can help keep things on track by handling tasks such as:

  • Reconciling the bank account and other balance sheet accounts

  • Reconciling and reporting payroll

  • Filing government returns

  • Reviewing financial statements

We can also work with you on planning:

  • Developing operating and project budgets

  • Cash flow planning


Young Associates employs insight, empathy and over two decades of intensive nonprofit experience to take the fear out of numbers.

We are experts at helping math-shy non-accountants to develop proficiency at:

  • Basic bookkeeping

  • Accounting systems

  • Financial reporting

  • Excel

  • Accounting packages (QBO, Quickbooks, Sage 50) and other apps (Hubdoc, Plooto, TSheets, Expensify)

We provide core skills training (e.g. how to read financial statements, Excel functions, HST in the charitable sector) as well as integrative instruction on how to apply skills in a management setting (e.g. developing financial reports for your organization).

Young Associates can deliver training and organizational development services through grants (e.g. Compass), where we undertake accounting and data systems review and “tune-up,” complemented by staff training.

We provide one-on-one coaching and mentoring as well as group instruction. Training can be delivered on-site at your office or in our seminar room.

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