The 'need to know' to work with us:

Who We Are:

our current staff listing:

  • Heather Young, Principal

  • Anna Mathew, Senior Associate, Knowledge Management

  • Alicia McGuire, Payroll Specialist

  • Chris Mustard, Senior Associate

  • Julia Gaunt-Rannala, Associate

  • Amanda Whitney, Associate

  • Rob Bril, Associate

  • Jason Aviss, Associate

our Affiliated consultants: 

  • Anne Frost (Revenue Development)

  • Jeanne LeSage (LeSage Arts Management)

  • Jerry Smith (Strategic Planning)

If  you need to contact a member of Young Associates, please email using the format:  firstname ‘at’

How to reach us:


contact info and location:

675 King St. W., #203
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1M9


Young Associates staff are frequently onsite at client offices. If you don’t have a scheduled appointment, we suggest calling the office phone or your associate directly before visiting the Young Associates office to make sure there is someone onsite to greet you.

Phone, fax, answering service:

P. (416) 923-8557
F. (416) 923-6625
When there is no one onsite at the Young Associates office, our calls are received by an answering service which relays the call to the appropriate staff member. Voicemails are processed through the answering service, which are then forwarded appropriately.

what we do:

Bookkeeping & Financial Services

  • full service bookkeeping

  • accounting and financial management support

  • controller

  • payroll

  • training

Data Management

  • full service data entry and processing

  • training

  • consulting on software selection and data management strategies

  • website content management

  • consulting on information architecture (structure of online information and records)


  • strategic financial planning

  • business plan development

  • governance development

  • human resources

how we bill:

We accept the follow payment methods:

  • Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

  • E-transfers (manual transfer e.g. Plooto, email money transfer)

  • Cheque

To set up a PAD agreement for pre-authorized debit from your bank account, complete this form.

How to handle coverage issues:

Good communication is key to ensuring good coverage. Here are some client and associate responsibilities which help us to avoid any gaps in service. 

Client responsibilities:

If a client office is closing (for e.g.  holidays, special events, etc), or is closed unexpectedly, and the closure affects an appointment with your associate, it is the client responsibility to schedule make up time with their associate or agree to skip the appointment. 

Clients must communicate to their associate, with appropriate notice, any upcoming deadlines (e.g. filings, board meetings, etc) and any scheduled office closures which will impact recurring appointments. 

Clients must provide their associate a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation of an onsite appointment. Cancellation fees may apply.

Young Associates responsibilities:

If an associate is away (e.g. vacation, professional development) and it affects your appointment, they will either arrange for another Young Associates staff member to cover their appointment or they will get agreement from you to either reschedule or skip the appointment.

If an associate is sick / not available suddenly and it affects your appointment, Young Associates will endeavour to arrange for another associate to cover any urgent work. 

Clients engage Young Associates to undertake a package of tasks, and it is important that responsibilities assigned to the associate by the client fall within those defined in the service agreement. Of course, we recognize that sometimes your needs change. If you wish your associate to take on duties which fall outside of the scope of the current service agreement, please contact the Practice Manager to discuss a revision. 

when you need additional services:


In addition to our services, please make use of Young Associates various online resources:

Seminar curriculum