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Young Associates looks to create meaningful, progressive partnerships with our customers. We are dedicated to serving organizations from the nonprofit and creative sectors who make our community a better place. 

Our customers  look to us to deliver service and strategy in the areas of financial, data, and information management, human resources, and strategic planning. They are open to adopting new technologies and modernizing processes. Young Associates collaborates most effectively with customers who want to find efficiencies and adopt innovations. We are more than technical processors, and our ideal customers look to us to contribute valuable insights.

Our most successful working relationships are with organizations who value financial stability and allow us to plug into a management structure. Collaborating with an established staff leader like an ED or an actively-engaged board member from a volunteer-run organization creates the best conditions for success. 

Our customers are our partners. They take ownership of their role in the process. They have either a functional understanding of the service area (e.g. finance, data) or a willingness to learn. They share Young Associates’ dedication to high standards of compliance. 

Obviously not every customer is the same, and we are certainly excited by unique challenges! We are looking forward to connecting with you and exploring how we can be a great fit for each other.

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