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Finance for the Arts in Canada has being reviewed by a number of professional publications, and has received comments from readers as well.

Reviews by the Professionals

"Finally, a financial text for arts managers! With this resource, the myth of the "flaky arts sector" takes another hit. Mandate-driven organizations do an extraordinary amount of work with few resources. The information in this book will help arts management students and life-long learners to do the best possible job in managing these resources. Well-written, well-organized and accessible, Finance for the Arts in Canada needs to be in every arts management classroom and on every arts manager's bookshelf across the country. I am using it at the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus with undergraduates in the arts management program, with great feedback."

- T. Anne Frost, Program Coordinator, Arts Administration and Cultural Management, Humber College

"Emerging arts managers and established professionals alike will benefit from having a copy of Finance for the Arts in Canada by their side. Heather's ability to easily explain all aspects of finances and accounting-particularly from a Canadian perspective-is to be applauded. Her commentary, practical advice, and real-life examples make this manual a must-read for arts managers and board treasurers."

- John Watson, General Manager, Theatre Direct Canada

"This Canadian resource book is a wonderful guide for arts administration students, seasoned professionals who want to brush up on their finance knowledge, or volunteer leaders who want a crash course on financial strategic planning for their non-profit organization. Practical case studies and easy to follow exercises included in the book makes the learning process easy."

- Jane Gardner, General Manger, Blyth Festival

"In the arts, things are rarely as simple as 2+2=4. But for those of us responsible for that one essential constant, a balanced bottom line, Finance for the Arts in Canada is an invaluable resource ... thorough, clear, and to the point. Four stars."

- Jini Stolk, Executive Director, Creative Trust (and former Managing Director, Toronto Dance Theatre)

"Finally and at long last, arts organizations have a step by step guide to managing the financial side of their organizations, which can be shared with everyone in the office. I just wish I'd had something like this when I started out in arts administration."

- Angela Rebiero, Publisher, Playwrights Canada Press

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