Creative Trust Gives the Young Associates Website a Stamp of Approval

Staff Post
by Anna Mathew

Creative Trust is a collaborative capacity building organization that helps Toronto’s mid-size and small performing arts companies develop skills and achieve financial health and balance. We’ve enjoyed working with them for a while now – Heather Young, Principal, is their Finance Manager.

These folks are leaders in the Toronto arts management scene. They have seen it all! That’s why we are absolutely thrilled here at Young Associates that Creative Trust featured us in a blog post titled Finances matter, cheering “the launch of a made-in-Canada website on financial matters and management in the arts” and daring anyone “to try to find anything as useful and interesting on the topic from anywhere else in the world.”

We’re blushing!

Thanks to Jini and the folks at Creative Trust for their stamp of approval. The Young Associates website is a work in progress and we could not be more excited about it. We promise we are working hard to get more content ready. Stay tuned for answers to FAQs, more tip sheets, more curated news, and a library of useful and relevant articles from around the Web. Join us on TwitterLinkedIn and Google Plus if you would like to help spread the word about our free resources.