Annual T-Slip Deadline – February 29, 2012

Staff Post
By Heather Young 

The annual payroll reporting deadline is looming. T4 and T4A slips must be filed by Wednesday, February 29, 2012.

T4 Slips

In preparation, you should reconcile your payroll accounts: make sure that the balance on your PD7A form (i.e. the total source deductions that the government acknowledges receiving) matches the total of the cheques you issued.

Conduct your own “pensionable and insurable earnings review.” The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) checks this for every filer. Before you submit your T4s, you should confirm that the correct CPP and EI amounts were withheld, and were properly matched with employer contributions. If you find any shortage, it needs to be accrued to the employee record and remitted to the CRA.

Review your company’s employment relationships for any taxable benefits. Taxable benefits are items above and beyond payroll that have a value for employees, and that the CRA considers taxable income. Check this page on the CRA website for information about cell phones, parking, transit passes, insurance, gifts and other benefits.

Taxable benefits should be processed on a pay period by pay period basis, as required by law. If you’ve overlooked something, though, be sure to record it and remit the appropriate taxes at payroll year-end.

T4A Slips

Here’s the CRA’s word on when you need to issue T4A slips.

For small not-for-profits, including arts organizations, the most common requirement is to document “fees or other amounts for services.” This includes freelancer and self-employed contractor fees and, indeed, fees paid to any unincorporated business. (That is, cases where the fees are to be reported on a personal income tax return.)

Amounts paid to freelancers are to be reported on Box 48 of the T4A slip.

Here’s what the Canadian Payroll Association says about T4As: “The CRA is currently conducting a review of the types of payments that payers will be required to report in this box (i.e. Box 48). While this reporting requirement may be expanded in the future, it currently applies only to payers of independent or self-employed contractors, who should report any fees (excluding GST/HST) on the T4A using Box 48.”

Late filing

The penalties for late filing of T4 and T4A information returns can be found here on the CRA website.

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