New CRA Guidance on Arts Activities and Charitable Registration

Staff Post
By Jerry Smith

recent post by Andrew Valentine with the Miller Thomson Law Firm shone some light on a new piece of guidance from the Canada Revenue Agency. If you are currently considering an application for – or already possess – charitable status, the CRA has recently delivered the final version of the Guidance for Arts Activities and Charitable Registration (Reference CG – 018, December 14, 2012).

Building on feedback from the sector, including organizations such as CAPACOA seeking a broader definition of who could qualify, this finalized version attempts to clarify what CRA finds as acceptable examples of appropriate purposes to merit charitable status.

First, there are three broad categories of arts-related activities that could qualify as charitable purposes under one or more of the four heads of charity, including:

  • Advancement of education;
  • Exhibitions, performances and presentations of artistic works;
  • Activities that enhance an art form or style within the arts for the benefit of the public.

In particular, CRA has clarified and expanded details in its arts forms and styles appendix, thus opening the door for more presenter members of CAPACOA to garner or maintain standing as a charity.

If you are interested in exploring these ideas in more detail, these links will be of value: