Cahoots Theatre Company

This has been an incredibly productive and beneficial process for Cahoots Theatre. This organizational opportunity, funded through the OAC’s Compass program, made it possible for Cahoots to work with Young Associates to clean-up the company’s existing organizational data, customize our database structure to match our growing needs, and develop policies and procedures that will ensure long-term consistencies, efficiencies and the transfer of information over time.

- Kate Ann Vandermeer, General Manager, Cahoots Theatre Company

Orchestras Canada

"We have immensely enjoyed working with our Young Associates consultant. She has perfectly combined flexibility with an understanding of what we were needing from the consultation. She kept the project on track and produced an easy-to-understand analysis of our current situation with insightful and practical recommendations that help to us to move forward."

- Sarah Thomson, Administrator, Orchestras Canada

Bata Shoe Museum

"Young Associates has proven to be an excellent asset for the Bata Shoe Museum Foundation. The quality of professionalism, flexibility, and customer friendly service make this company an extremely reliable partner for a mid-size not-for-profit. I would highly recommend Young and Associates for the accounting needs a charity organization might have."

-Emanuele Lepri, Director, Bata Shoe Museum