Data Management Services


Being ‘Data Smart’ means making efficient and effective use of your organization’s internal and external data sources, increasing the level of quality information preserved and produced by your organization in a digital world.

Young Associates will help your organization to articulate data goals. We will develop a tailored information system for you, your board and staff to collect, store and analyze data, to better understand your audience and donor landscape.

Well-managed data increases your organization’s ability to turn information into knowledge, and your potential to make wise administrative decisions based on sound evidence.


Young Associates will:

  • take data processing activities off your plate (e.g. donations, tax receipting, mail merges, etc.)

  • maintain your statistical reporting for CADAC

  • assist you in eliminating ‘silo effect’ by identifying information overlaps and reducing the duplication of work product

  • assist you in preventing knowledge from walking out the door with departing staff, board and volunteers by ensuring data is collected and preserved with continuity

  • identify areas of opportunity and growth within your fundraising and audience development portfolios through data analysis

  • identify untapped external resources that align with your organization’s mandate

  • give you the tools to focus on strategic revenue generation

  • assist you in understanding how information moves through your organization

  • optimize information architecture in your internal and public-facing information systems (e.g. databases, websites) to ensure users don’t get lost or confused

  • design a policies and procedures manual specific to your organization


We actively manage your basic database needs, including:

  • Regular data entry

  • Pulling basic reports

  • Processing tax receipts

  • Performing mail merges and e-blasts

  • Data Management Support

We provide monthly or ongoing support (as needed) for you to integrate your database into your management activities and strategic growth, including:

  • Pulling and reviewing monthly reports

  • Data quality verification

  • Reconciliation with bookkeeping software

  • Set up of new structural updates to your database

  • Components of full service data entry and processing, as required

  • Prospect Research

We work with you on a project or ongoing basis to increase your fundraising capacity by using research and analysis techniques to identify funding prospects from within your database and outside of your organization.

Young Associates will:

  • identify donor / funder prospects whose values align with your mandate or specific project

  • identify donor trends and opportunities

  • create in depth donor / funder profiles


We help senior managers and boards work with staff to align organizational and portfolio-specific goals with data processes.

We help managers:

  • Select an appropriate software package (e.g. fundraising / member database system) and optimize integrations

  • Get the most out of their investment through skillful usership

  • Establish sound data collection, entry and review procedures

  • Design efficient reporting systems to support revenue generation and audience development

  • Identify fundraising prospects through analytical techniques

  • Design records management systems

  • Model ideal information architecture to optimize user experience in information systems

  • Design data flow visualizations to assist in understanding an organization’s information environment

We provide core skills training (e.g. how to use software; how to develop policies and procedures for data collection, entry, and upkeep; how to clean a messy database) as well as integrative instruction on how to make your data ‘smart data’ (e.g. data mining, pulling informative reports, prospect research techniques, and establishing a formal policy framework for data management).

We provide one-on-one coaching and mentoring as well as group instruction. Training can be delivered, remotely, on-site at your office, or in our seminar room.


Young Associates has been able to deliver data management services with funding from the Ontario Arts Council Compass program and the Canada Council’s Leadership for Change (formerly Flying Squad) program.


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